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Engrave it. Colour it. Thermoform it. DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces can be whatever you imagine it can be. Undulating, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of colour and translucency – if you can dream it, you can create it with Corian®.

A signature DuPont innovation, Corian® continues to evolve and to inspire. DuPont collaborates with designers, and architects, artists, specifiers, and fabricators the world over to reach new creative heights with this extraordinarily versatile material. Choose from a wide range of trendsetting patterns and tones. You can even create your own custom colours. And Corian® solid surfaces work everywhere — it is the material of choice for architects and designers specializing in healthcare, food service, hospitality, office buildings, schools, and of course, homes.


All colours in the standard colour palette are available in 12x760x3658mm sheets. Selected colours are also available in various widths (930mm and 1300mm) and thickness (4,6 and 19mm). Please consult the Corian® colour brochure for more details. Check with your supplier for the latest product offering.


Density: 1.7g/cm3

Hardness: >85 (Rockwell)

Flexural Strength: 71 MPa

Tensile Strength: 47 Mpa

Resistant to:

• Cigarette Burns
• Dry Heat
• Chemicals
• Wet Heat
• Hot & Cold Water
• Bacteria & Fungi


It comes in a wide range of colours to match almost any situation and is often chosen by architects and interior designers because of its beauty. As with most worktop materials there are a few basic rules to follow in order to ensure that your worktop lasts for many years. Possibly the most important thing is to avoid placing hot pans straight off the hob or cooker on to the surface. Although it is resistant to the heat from a hob, placing a hot pan on the surface may cause damage, so always use a trivet or a heat pad.


No matter how spacious or compact your kitchen, Corian® lends an endless elegance and a silky, seductive touch.


Small details can make the difference. A shapes edge can give a sense of rhythm to your worktop. A coved upstaged will bring both aesthetically and practical benefits: smooth lines and easy cleaning.


To create your dream kitchen you can choose the shape and colour of your sink, and select the exact location of the drainer grooves and hob bars. You can even extend the same luxurious aesthetic to a breakfast bar, table or a hood.


Corian® is available is a wide range of modern, elegant colours. From the purest solid white to naturally veined effects to intensely dark aesthetics from the DeepColour collection, Corian® offers a special palette of colours that have been specifically tested for intensive kitchen worktop usage.


Since Corian® can be easily shaped and carved, there are a wide range of stylish edge designs available. These range from simple straight edges, to bevel, receding or extra deep effects.


To complete your worktop and create a truly bespoke look, you can add custom accents such as coved up stands, stainless steel hob bars or drainer grooves.


Work surfaces can have matt, satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Most work surfaces are finished with a satin finish. Soap water, ammonia based cleaners or widely available solid surface cleaners will remove most dirt and residue from all types of finishes. Stubborn residue may require a little stronger cleaner. Follow these recommendations to properly clean your work surface and ensure non-abrasive cleaning on high gloss or dark work surfaces.

Be aware limescale can build up if water is left on a work surface, to prevent this it is important to wipe the work surface completely dry with a microfibre cloth after spilling and cleaning. Some colours may require more cleaning to upkeep them than others, for example dark colours more than lighter ones.


If the surface does get scratched it can usually be renewed with no problem since the colour of Corian is the same though the whole thickness. Wash the area with clean water but do not dry it. Then take a scourer similar to a Scotch-brite pad and rub lightly back and forwards – not with a circular motion – changing through 90 degrees every so often. Don’t press too hard as this may cause further scratches.

Rinse the scourer frequently in order to remove any build up of material. When the scratch has been removed it is possible that the surface will look slightly different from the surrounding area. If this happens, simply sand very lightly over a larger area in order to blend in the colours.


In most cases, Corian® can be repaired if damaged. Be sure to follow these guidelines to help prevent permanent damage to your installation.

• Avoid getting strong chemicals e.g. paint remover, oven cleaner, acid drain cleaner, acetone based nail varnish remover on your work surface. If a spill does occur promptly flush the surface with water to rinse off the chemical

• Do not cut directly onto work surfaces, use a chopping board instead

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